Web Application

Web Applications

Web applications include webmail, word processors, and spreadsheets. web applications allow team members to work together on the same document include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and cloud storage. Online sharing of calendars is also a web application

Attendance Management System

The attendance management system is software that tracks the working hours of employees. It does precise time tracking for attendance, breaks, the time off taken, clock in and clock out, by your employee. It prevents any type of error in a record. It makes your attendance management precise and efficient.

In a good attendance management system, your employees can mark their time and attendance in the mobile app. The software automates your attendance management, so the data should be available to the HR department in real-time to do the precise payroll and your employees should be compensated for their time.

Accounts Management System

Xaviour Tech Technologies’ Account Management system provides full transparency and accountability to creating ledger reports. Our Account Management software is fully customized and fits all nature of businesses. With its friendly and customizable interface, it helps businesses get things done efficiently and professionally.

The core dashboard can be integrated with another available system through lan to provide hurdle-free communication with the accounting team. With its reliable features, it allows the accounts team an upgraded accounts management environment to create reports and daily transactions with simple clicks.

Hotel Management System

A hotel management system is a set of hotel software solutions that keep operations flowing.  Some of the integrations such as Oaky for upselling, Duetto for revenue management, and TrustYou for reputation management can really make a huge difference by improving the productivity and efficiency of your hotel.

School Management System

A School Management System is an information management system for educational institutions to manage all student’s data. It provides abilities such as registration of students in classes, documenting of grades and analytical marks of each student, and other evaluation elements

Hospital Management System

The hospital management system is a computer system that helps manage the information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. They manage the data related to all departments of healthcare such as Clinical. Financial. Laboratory.

Inventory Management System

inventory management systems are your means of organizing all the elements that go into inventory management. It’s the process by which you track goods from one end to the other along your supply chain. Ensuring throughout that you know what you have, where it is, and how to manage it

Human resource management

Human Resource Management, or HRM, is the practice of managing people to achieve better performance. For example, if you hire people into a business, you are looking for people who fit the company culture as they will be happier, stay longer, and be more productive than people who won’t fit into the company culture.

Point Of Sale

A POS system or point of sale system is a computerized network operated by the main computer, which is linked to checkout terminals. It’s simply a system that helps your business complete sales transactions. You can think of it as a super-powered cash register.

Support Ticket management system

A ticketing system is a software program that a customer support team uses to create, manage, and maintain a list (or lists) of customer problems. Of course, many ticketing systems also provide other functions including, but not limited to: … Knowledge base management. Automation.

Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that enables users to create, edit, collaborate on, publish and store digital content. CMSes are typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM).