Software Development

Software Development

Highly specialized software solutions that sustain a unique blend of platforms and applications that address the cross-functional business requirements of our clients.

Industry-SpecificApplication Development

Having the expertise of more than a decade in customized software applications for financial institutes, Security & Surveillance, Fertilizer, Transport, Freight Forwarding & Clearing, News & Media, Education Sector, Travel, Ecommerce, Publishing, Multimedia and Medical applications including SQL Server and MySQL database programming, ASP.NET, VB.NET PHP and Web Applications.

Client-Centric Approach

Xaviour Tech diligently crafted software to empower businesses in almost every industry. We create robust, admin-friendly, and user-friendly software applications that will enhance your business procedures. Our applications make businesses a delight to manage. We deliver precisely-tailored software development to fulfill your company’s strategic business aims. We have full-service models to streamline your business operations and superb project management to ensure your ideas come alive on time and on budget.

Process Excellence

The primary perspective of Xaviour Tech is to enhance the process from time to time to benefit the client by delivering services with excellence and exceeding the client’s expected values. This determination is a driving force for process betterments and high-quality delivery procedures within the organization. To achieve this we have effectively defined our processes in place and examined them through a period of time. We believe that process excellence is a key component that advances delivery excellence. And we also believe in our model played a leading role in satisfying our vast clientele of various geographic locations.

Benefits of Xaviout Tech Customized Software Development

A long-term relationship with major ISVs means that we fully grasp their requirements and are capable to release new products and new versions swiftly. By ensuring faster time-to-market, SI minimizes the overall cost of the product development lifecycle for its valued clients. We also offer the following benefits:

  • Controlling product lifecycle costs

  • Help with business requirements analysis (MRD & BRD)

  • Business and technical requirements (vision and scope)

  • Product Complete testing range (functional, component, integration, performance, etc.)

  • Documentation and consumer training

  • Comprehensive support

If you are looking for Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, E-Commerce Website Development, CMS Portal Development, feel free to send us your requirements and get a free quote. We are ready to help you!