Outbound Services

At Lead Maxima, our outbound contact center team helps businesses expand their customer base by filtering through mass data and shortlisting qualified prospects. Cold call prospecting, warm lead follow-ups, or correspondence follow-ups, we can do it all to help your business excel. Some of the key services we offer include.

Lead Generation

Being a pioneer in the lead generation industry, Lead Maxima possesses expertise that helps our clients boost the volume of qualified customers. We apply proven selling techniques to help generate fresh leads with a guarantee of higher conversion rates in return.


With a culture of quality and performance, Lead Maxima is the frontrunner in providing telemarketing services and has partnered with some of the leading names in the Home Lending, Insurance, Energy, Home Security Systems, and Education services sectors. We ensure that every potential lead turns into a confirmed sale; thus facilitating our client business in terms of quality and quantity.

Appointments / Live Transfers

Being able to pitch/sell the product to a qualified and interested customer is a challenge for any business that finds clientele through appointments/live transfers. By playing the role of professional intermediaries, we can help you overcome that challenge by setting qualified appointments or connecting your life with the right prospect.

Market Research / Surveys

Market research through surveys has become a tool for many organizations to invest in product development strategically. This requires the selling aptitude to approach the consumers for surveys and artificial intelligence-based algorithms to interpret the findings of consumer data. From the point of survey development, then conducting, all the way to intelligent interpretation, Lead Maxima can facilitate you wherever you require assistance.